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                                                                        GRAPHITE CANE PRICE LIST                                                                   .

Revolution Advantage Graphite Canes are your best value. Lighter, stronger, more sensitive and more durable than aluminum or fiberglass canes.

Model                                                   1-5 Units                    6-23 Units                 24-144 Units

Folding                                                   $33.20                        $29.15                       $28.00

Rigid                                                        23.85                          21.85                         20.70

Support                                                    40.00                          40.00                         40.00

Identity (7-section fold)                              24.00                          23.00                         22.00

Children's Canes: 34" and Under

Kid's Folding                                             24.50                          23.50                         22.50

Kid's Rigid                                                15.00                          15.00                         15.00


Standard Replacement Tips                    Each

Folding or Rigid Canes                                $3.30

Identity Cane                                               1.90

Optional Tips

Metal (NFB style)                                        6.25

NFB Metal Bottom only                                3.80

Metal I.D.                                                    6.25

Teardrop                                                     6.25

Roller                                                        13.00*

I.D. Roller                                                  13.00*

*Rollers are $11.00 for 12 or more

Notes. When a new cane is ordered with an optional Metal or Teardrop tip, the cane unit price increases by $5.80. Example: $33.20 would become $39.00. The price difference with a Roller tip is $11.00. Example: $33.20 would become $44.20.

Tune-Up-Kit. $7.95. Contents include: All washers, 1 piece each of red reflective and white reflective tape, 1 standard cane tip, 1 cord of bungee. 

Cane CarrierNylon pouch for folding cane. Clips or attaches through any belt. $6.00 with cane purchase, $8.00 without cane purchase.

Warranty Policy. Revolution Enterprises Advantage Canes warrants its products against manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year from the date or purchase.

All Returns. Please include a note with your name, address and telephone number when shipping your purchase; this way we can notify you if there are any changes. Thank You!

Returns are to be shipped prepaid to:     Revolution Enterprises, Inc., 12170 Dearborn Place, Poway, CA 92064 USA